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1 day Speed Learn The Basics Of A Language Intensive Course

How would you like to speed learn the basics of a language, including over 350 words, and also be able to create your own sentences and communicate on a basic level in the language IN JUST 1 DAY?

Well now you can with our 1 Day Speed Learn The Basics Of A Language Intensive Course. This course uses scientifically proven memory techniques to teach you vocabulary and grammar around 3 times faster than normal.


The course is taught live over Zoom using Linkword Level 1 animated and software courses, and is presented by polyglot Neil Kendall, who will be on hand to correct any mistakes, answer any questions and keep you motivated and on track throughout the day.


This course doesn't cover as much material as our 3 Month Speed Learn A Language Course, but it's the fastest way to learn some of the key vocabulary and grammar so you can get your foot in the door to a new language as quickly as possible.


This course will suit businesses or individuals who need to quickly and effectively learn the basics of another language.

We don't claim you'll be fluent in the language after 1 day, as that's not possible in such a short space of time. However by the end of the course, you will have learned around 350 - 400 words and have a solid grounding in the basic grammar and structure  of your new language.


You'll also be able to create your own simple sentences and communicate in a variety of everyday situations using what you've learned.

There is NO OTHER LANGUAGE SCHOOL in the world offering such a unique, quick or effective language course, so what are you waiting for?

What you'll learn in the 1 day intensive course

Vocabulary topics covered

You will learn around 350 - 400 words, including:

  • Animals

  • Furniture, colours & household words

  • Clothes, family & time words

  • Outdoor/country words, days of the week, months of the year     

  • Numbers

  • Food & drink words

  • Shopping & business words

  • Transport, travel & leisure words

  • Doctors/emergency words

  • Basic everyday verbs

  • Adjectives/descriptive words 

  • Adverbs & time expressions

Grammar points

  • Basic building blocks of the language to enable you to form your own sentences

  • Basic introduction to verbs 

  • Question & negative forms of verbs + question words 

  • To be – is, am, are etc

  • Nouns – genders, plurals, definite & indefinite articles

  • Adjectives – agreements & endings

  • Conjunctions & prepositions

  • Telling the time

  • Pronouns – personal & possessive

  • 'Some'

  • Was, were etc

Reading & writing

  • How to pronounce the letters of the alphabet + reading practice so you can read and write in your new language 


Bonus materials

  • Free software course (for PC, Mac or Android) version of the material in the animated course, so that you can revise the material again as much you want (normal cost £17.49)

  • Pdf summary of all the vocabulary & grammar points covered for you to practice at home.

Course timetable for the day

The course is split into 10 sections (each taking between 30 mins to an hour), and takes around 8 to 10 hours to complete (plus breaks). The timetable for the day runs (approximately) as follows:

10 am - Start and brief introduction to the course/methodology

Section 1

5 minute break and chat

10.45am - Section 2

5 min break and chat

11.30am  - Section 3

12.30pm - Break for lunch (half an hour)

1pm - Section 4

5 min break and chat

1.45pm - Section 5

10 minute tea/coffee break 

3pm - Section 6

4pm - Section 7

5pm - Break for dinner (1 hour)

6pm - Section 8

5 min break and chat

7pm - Section 9

5 min break and chat

8pm - Section 10

9pm - Final wrap up and chat.


Cost £99 

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