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3 Month Speed Learn A Language Course 

(Beginner - Intermediate level)

This course is run weekly over 3 months, and includes 12 1 - 1.5 hour group sessions held live online via Zoom. This course is for complete beginners (or near beginners) and will take you to intermediate level in your new language in just 12 weeks.


By the end of the course, you will have learned over 400 words and have a solid grounding in the core grammar and structure of your new language.


We very much emphasise the social aspect too - you'll get to meet new, like minded people and all in person classes include free tea/coffee/biscuits too!


What you'll learn in the 3 month Speed Learn A Language course:

Vocabulary topics covered

You will learn over 400 words, including:

  • Animals

  • Furniture, colours & household words

  • Clothes, family & time words

  • Outdoor/country words, days of the week, months of the year     

  • Numbers

  • Food & drink words

  • Shopping & business words

  • Transport, travel & leisure words

  • Doctors/emergency words

  • Common everyday verbs

  • Adjectives/descriptive words 

  • Adverbs & time expressions

  • Cognates - most common ways of converting English words into words in another languages and vice versa. Easily boosts your vocabulary by 1000s of words by learning a few simple rules!

Grammar points

  • Building blocks of the language to enable you to form your own sentences

  • Most common verb tenses – present, future (with 'going to' and 'will'), past tense (perfect tense, imperfect tense), conditional, command form, etc

  • Common irregular verbs

  • Question & negative forms of verbs + question words

  • Modal/auxiliary verbs in present, past and future tense forms - can/to be able to, to want, to have to/must, to need, to like, would like, etc

  • To be – is, am, are etc

  • Nouns – genders, plurals, definite & indefinite articles

  • Adjectives – agreements & endings

  • Conjunctions & prepositions

  • Telling the time

  • Pronouns – personal & possessive

  • 'Some'

  • Was, were etc

Reading & writing

  • How to pronounce the letters of the alphabet + reading practice so you can read and write in your new language 

Everyday phrases & conversation

  • Basic greetings & small talk

  • Talking about how you feel

  • Talking about what you're doing/have done/are going to do

  • Asking directions, etc 

  • Talking about what you like, dislike etc

  • Discussing personal interests

  • Giving opinions

  • Asking for things, how much something is, etc

  • And more!     


Bonus materials

  • Free software course (for PC, Mac or Android) version of the material in the animated course/software course used in our classes, so that you can revise the material again as much you want (normal cost £17.49)

  • Pdf summaries of all the vocabulary, grammar points, sentences and everyday phrases covered for you to practice at home.           

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