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Learn languages 3x faster than normal

Proof It Works

Praise for Neil Kendall Language School

We have delighted clients both locally and from all over the world. 

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An email I recieved from one of my students, Elijah Teago from Inverness:


Hi Neil 


Sorry I’ve not been in touch after our sessions together but I wanted to let you know that I sat my final exam for Spanish yesterday and I felt they went quite well. I got a very solid A in my prelims and 100% in the speaking and writing sections!

My skills have improved a lot and I even had a conversation with a man who speaks Latin American Spanish, who often comes into my work!!


I got into Glasgow and Edinburgh to study classical studies and Italian as a joint degree and I will take Spanish as a module too since I really enjoy the language.


Thank you so much for your help in starting me up with my Spanish as if it wasn’t for you, I definitely wouldn’t have reached the level I did so easily. After a few months of crash higher Spanish I had reached the same level (and maybe a little more) than my friend who had taken it for 3 years.


All the best,


Neil Kendall Language School has also been featured in


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Case studies on the effectiveness of Linkword

Numerous independent case studies over the past 40 years have proven that the Linkword Languages method is up to 3 times faster and much more effective than traditional language learning methods. These case studies cover a broad range of age groups and demographics.

  • In the corporate sector, Linkword has been proven to work successfully for group tuition for companies such as Barclays Bank, Thomson Holidays, Manchester Business School, etc:

  • Case study on the effectiveness of Linkword in a secondary school in Rugby, UK (including a letter of recommendation from the head of modern languages there):

  • Case study on the Linkword method from Bishop Vaughan school in Swansea, UK:

  • Case study on the effectiveness of the keyword method (which is the basis of the Linkword methodology) for over 65s:

Yet more praise for Linkword

It took 12 hours to teach a regime that normally takes 40 hours.”


Personnel Manager, Thomson Holidays (in an interview with the Financial Times)


I am dyslexic. A few years ago, I found 'Linkword', I started to learn Spanish and it is absolutely fabulous. My husband does it with me and we both love it. It has to be one of the easiest ways of learning a language in the world. I run the British Dyslexia Centre and have told many parents about this way of teaching language.”


Maria Chivers, British Dyslexia Centre

The most entertaining language tutor of all. It works and it's fun.”

The Guardian


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