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  • What level will I achieve after a 3 month Speed Learn A Language course?
    You will achieve a functional and conversational level of fluency and be able to speak, read, and write in your new language to a level where you are able to hold conversations, form your own sentences as well as communicate in a wide variety of everyday situations.
  • How many words will I learn in a 3 month or an intensive course?
    For both courses you will learn around 350 - 400 words using scienficically proven memory techniques. The 3 month courses teache even more words, and if you then add in the cognates we teach you, for certain languages you will add thousands more words to your vocabulary simply by learning some simple rules to convert English words into their foreign equivalents.
  • What vocabulary, grammar points and other course content is taught in your 3 month and intensive courses?"
    To find that out what's included in the 3 month course, click here. To find out what's included in our intensive courses, click here.
  • Are you planning on teaching more languages?
    Yes, we will be adding more languages to our range as time goes on. Please keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more info about this. If you wish to request a specific language, we will look into it and consider offering classes and private tuition if there is enough demand.
  • What areas do you teach in person classes?
    We teach throughout the whole of Scotland. We run classes in Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Dundee and Stirling. If you think it would be worthwhile us running a class in your town (in Scotland only), please contact us to discuss further. Please note, we do not offer in person classes outside of Scotland. (We are currently not offering in person classes due to the pandemic, but they will resume once the pandemic has sufficiently eased. All are classes are currently being held live online via Zoom).
  • Do you teach lessons/classes online?
    Yes, we offer all our classes and 1 on 1 tuition online as well as in person, taught live via Zoom.
  • I don't live in Scotland - can I still take online classes/lessons with you?
    Yes, we offer our live online classes and private tuition to anyone, anywhere in world. All you need is a computer/webcam, internet connection and a Zoom account.
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