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Genki English For Children 2 year course

Do you have a child who wants to learn English? Exciting new online classes will teach your child English the fun way! Classes now starting for Spanish speakers!

What makes the 'Genki English For Children' course unique


Children need language classes that are fun, engaging and effective in order to keep their attention span and learn the language, and that is exactly what we offer!


Our Genki English classes use the very best accelerated learning techniques, including songs, colourful and vivid animations as well as lots of class interaction to naturally embed to words, phrases and grammatical structures of the English language into your child's brain and get them speaking English naturally and easily.


Our methods have been proven time and time again to work with children all over the world....and now it's your child's turn! 


We don't do textbooks, exams or boring grammar drills, but we can promise that if your child comes to our classes they will love English for life!


Our 'Genki English' complete program has over 100 hours of lessons, 1 – 2 hours per week, and is taught over 2 years.

This course is run weekly and is taught live online via Zoom.

By the end of the course, your child will have gained a solid grounding in the core grammar, vocabulary and everyday phrases of of English.


COST £1999 for 2 years

Or pay yearly £999 / year

or pay monthly £120 / month

To sign up, please go to

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Lesson topics taught in the Genki English For Children 2  Year Course

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