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‘‘To learn another language is to have one more window from which to look at the world”

Chinese proverb

Welcome to Neil Kendall Language School. The most effective & enjoyable language tuition in Inverness, the Highlands & throughout Scotland. Classes also available to anyone worldwide taught live via Zoom.


Learn another language 3x faster than normal using accelerated learning techniques - backed up by science, 40 years of case studies and delighted clients both locally and from all over the world.

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My name is Neil Kendall and I am a polyglot who speaks 10 languages. I started Neil Kendall Language School with one simple mission: to help people learn languages in the fastest, most effective and most enjoyable ways possible.
I have a real passion for languages, and up to this point my life I have learned English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Polish, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Greek and Esperanto. I believe life is more beautiful and interesting if you can speak more than one language, and even better if you can speak many!
Over the years, I have studied literally every aspect of language learning, including researching and testing out pretty much every language learning methodology you can think of - almost to the point of obsession.  I eventually figured out exactly what it takes to go from nothing to fluency in the most effective ways, and I want to help other people do the same.

If you've previously tried to reach fluency in another language and failed, let me show you how my unique methods are the solution you've been looking for and will definitely produce results for you, no matter what your age, background or previous language learning experience

Utilising my own methods alongside material supplied by Linkword Languages, I can now teach you a language around 3 times faster than with traditional methods. Not only that, but our methods are great fun too.

Linkword Languages were established in 1980, and since then have helped over 750, 000 people worldwide to successfully learn languages. The method is based upon scientific principles related to memory enhancement to help people rapidly learn and remember vocabulary and grammar, and has been proven to work extremely effectively in a variety of independent studies.


Their methods combined with my methods add up to the ultimate language learning classes which are totally unique and unlike any other language classes being taught anywhere else!

For a more detailed explanation of our methods, please see go to the About Our Methods page.

What we offer & what makes us stand out from other language schools

We offer premium quality language classes in Spanish, French, Italian, German and English. For details about our classes, please see the Courses & Booking page. Our courses will work for you whether or not you think yourself poor or good at language learning.

Unlike other 'bog standard' language classes, our classes use the very best accelerated learning techniques to teach you languages faster and more effectively than normal and really bring the classroom to life. For more info on our methods, please see the 'About Our Methods' page.

Our methods work for everyone, including for older people and those who are dyslexic. Many studies have shown that learning languages helps older people as well as people of all ages with their cognitive functioning and learning ability.


Learning together is also an enjoyable sociable experience, especially if everyone is enjoying the course together. So I look forward to seeing you in my classes soon!

Neil Kendall Language School is for you if:

  • You need to learn another language for holidays, travel, business or schoolwork, or for personal development and enjoyment

  • You've previously tried learning a language but gave up because you didn't enjoy it or didn't know where to start

  •  You studied a language in school, in evening classes or with home study courses, but still can't actually speak it or use it in the real world

  •  You've tried learning words or phrases in another language, but always seem to forget them

  •  You don't know what it takes to achieve fluency in another language

  • You struggle with the self-discipline and motivation to learn a language by yourself. Fortunately there is now a solution!

The benefits of learning a language with Neil Kendall Language School

  • Learn a language up to 3 times faster than with traditional methods. Not only learn a language, but also REMEMBER what you've learned

  • Learn over 400 highly useful and commonly used words in around 10 hours learning time. The average school student learns 180 words per year! 

  • Easily and naturally learn the core grammar and vocabulary of a language so that you can construct your own sentences, and be able to express yourself easily in a wide variety of everyday situations

  • Be able to actually USE your language ability in the REAL world with real people and have REAL conversations about whatever you want to talk about

  • Be able to enjoy reading books, articles, watch tv and films, as well as listen to radio and music in your new language

  • Experience enjoyment, fun and a real sense of achievement with your language learning

  • Enhance your life by becoming a speaker of another language (or maybe even more than one language!)

  • Amaze your friends, family and native speakers of the language with your ability and rapid progress

  • Meet like minded people and get good social interaction with fellow students in the classes

  • Learning in a class helps you naturally be more self-disciplined about learning a language than trying to learn on your own

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