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3 Month Speed Learn A Language Course 

(Intermediate - Advanced Level)

This course is run weekly over 3 months, and includes 12 1 - 1.5 hour group sessions held live online via Zoom. This course is for people who have completed the beginner - intermediate 3 Month Speed Learn A Language Course and will take you to advanced level in your new language in just 12 weeks.


By the end of the course, you will have learned over 400 more words and the advanced grammatical structures of your new language.

What you'll learn in the 3 month Speed Learn A Language Course:

Vocabulary topics covered

You will learn over 400 words, including:

  • More family members

  • Types of buildings

  • Coastal & landscape words

  • More tourism vocabulary

  • School subjects

  • Seasons of the year

  • More body parts

  • More animals

  • More business words

  • More food words

  • More detailed adjectives and adverbs

  • Higher numbers

  • Sport and activity words

  • Musical instruments

  • And much more!

Grammar points

  • Compound tenses - past perfect, future perfect, conditional perfect, all variations of could/should/would - i.e. could/should/would, could've/should've/would've, could've been/should've been/would've been, etc

  • Further auxiliary verbs and building blocks of the language - 'should', 'feel like', 'just about to', 'have just', 'was just about to', 'having the intention of' etc

  • Subjunctive

  • Passive voice

  • Past historic tense

  • More irregular verbs

  • Comparatives & superlatives

  • More advanced conjunctions

  • More prepositions

  • 'By' 

  • And more!

Reading & writing

  • Reading practice with more advanced materials

Everyday phrases & conversation skills

  • Building up your fluency to be able to form longer and more elaborate sentences and talk about a wider range of subjects                      

Bonus materials

  • Free software course (for PC, Mac or Android) 

  • Pdf summaries of all the vocabulary, grammar points, sentences and everyday phrases covered for you to practice at home.                 

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